Silk is more than just a material for EP YAYING; it is deeply embedded in the brand’s DNA. Since the 1990s, the brand has championed this "Chinese fine material," transforming it from an exported material to a fashion staple. This legacy began in Beijing, captivating hearts and spreading across China.

EP YAYING collaborates with the organic mulberry silk origin in Ningnan to establish the "YAYING Group (Ningnan) Sericulture Base." With a compassionate heart, they return to the roots and adopt a sustainable industrial model. While driving local economic development and enhancing residents' quality of life, they also aim to build a harmonious and prosperous silk ecological industry chain where humans and nature coexist in harmony. Over the past 30 years, every step of EP YAYING's "Silk Road" has been solid and fruitful, always adhering to the beautiful original intention of "using good materials to make good clothes, bringing beauty to female customers," and moving forward with elegance.


95% of the world's yaks reside in China. As adorable grazers and guardians of the plateaus, they are beneficial to the grassland ecosystem.

In 2018, the yak connected the deep bond between Jiaxing and Aba. With the initial intention of "using good materials to make good clothes," EP YAYING fully explored this unique Chinese material. Over the years, EP YAYING's yak down project has aimed to promote cooperation between eastern and western industries, collaborating from the source on a sustainable industrial chain. Focusing on comprehensive development and utilization of yak wool, they are dedicated to craft research, technological innovation, scientific management, and green production, bringing a breakthrough upgrade to the yak wool industry and contributing to ecological fashion and domestic circulation. EP YAYING strives to convey the social responsibility of Chinese companies and tell the story of beautiful China using Chinese materials. They sincerely hope that yak wool, this excellent Chinese material, can transcend from the grasslands to the world, bringing a beautiful, loving, and environmentally friendly lifestyle to more consumers, in line with the generous gift of nature.


Committed to sourcing the finest Chinese materials, EP YAYING has signed the "Alashan White Cashemere Goat Geographical Indication Trademark Use Agreement". This certifziciation guarantees that cashmere is sourced from the Alashan's core production area.

To co-create a sustainable ecosystem, EP YAYING has been actively participating in afforestation projects in Alashan for several years. In the future, it will continue to deeply integrate into the sustainable development of the cashmere industry chain, aiming to establish the EP YAYING Alashan Cashmere Base. EP YAYING is striving to build a high-quality and flexible supply chain, leading the industry in bringing excellent Chinese materials to the world.